The P&C at Toowoomba North State School plays a vital role in the school. Functions of the P&C include:

  • fostering general community interest in educational matters
  • facilitating closer co-operation between parents, staff and students
  • providing advice and recommendations to the Principal on issues and concerns in respect of students and the general operation and management of the school
  • providing financial or other resources or services for the benefit of students.

Parents and friends of Toowoomba North State School students are invited and encouraged to join our P&C.


  • P&C meetings are held last Thursday of every month at 6 pm.

Members of the Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C) often provide some form of voluntary support in schools.

In larger schools the P&C may employ:

  • tuckshop conveners / workers
  • uniform shop workers
  • bookshop workers
  • sports coaches.

Parent participation

At Toowoomba North State School we encourage parent participation in many levels of school life, including our real business of providing learning programs for children. It has long been recognized that parent involvement benefits children in terms of the feelings of belonging and security such involvement can bring.

To ensure there is no doubt about whether or not volunteers were in attendance in school at any particular time, it is essential that a Visitors/Volunteers Register is maintained. This register will be kept in the school office to ensure that the school has an accurate record of when all volunteers are in attendance. This means that all volunteers who call in to help in classrooms, tuckshop, meetings etc must sign the book at the office.

Other ways of participating include attending school functions such as assemblies and sport carnivals and participating in school based discussions and surveys.

Unpaid volunteers

There are significant benefits for schools that host a volunteer or a work experience person from overseas. There are also issues that you will need to consider before agreeing to such an arrangement. An information sheet Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE employees only) has been developed to assist you.

Many unpaid volunteers are welcomed into classrooms. Where volunteers are working on particular educational programs with students, specific training may be provided.

Volunteers and providers of non-educational services

Volunteers and other service providers in schools assist staff in a range of areas and provide significant support to students, contributing to their overall educational achievement.

The number and type of volunteers and service providers will vary from school to school. Volunteers and non-teaching service providers will usually need a 'Working with Children' check (Blue card) .

They also need to become familiar with:

You will learn about these checks, codes and policies during your induction program.

Volunteers include

  • Religious education teachers
  • Community volunteers
  • Mentors for students
  • Best Start
  • Parent helpers.

Government initiatives

Non-educational services are provided in some schools, using employees of other government agencies or community organisations.

Examples include:

  • school-based police officer* program
  • school-based youth health nurses*
  • youth support coordinator initiative
  • school chaplains.

*Police officers and registered nurses do not require a 'Working with Children' check as their professions are exempt.

Last reviewed 17 June 2020
Last updated 17 June 2020